Crafting Excellence, Building Legacies

In the heart of Ontario’s vibrant construction landscape, Palace Ground Contracting (PGC) emerged from the visionary ambition of Kieron Cameron.


What We Do Best


From the foundational elements of elegant flooring and artisan tiling to the sophisticated finishes of signature paint and precision drywall, PGC offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to meet the needs of the most ambitious projects. Our exterior enhancements, including bespoke deck architecture and landscape couture, extend the boundaries of luxury to the great outdoors, creating spaces that invite tranquility and celebration alike.

Specialty services such as strategic demolition, garage epoxy elegance, and seasonal snow concierge underscore our commitment to providing a full spectrum of high-caliber contracting solutions. At PGC, we understand that true luxury lies in the details, which is why we offer garden mulch sophistication and lawn revitalization & seeding to complete the vision of your perfect space.


Palace Ground Contracting is dedicated to transforming spaces with unmatched craftsmanship and luxury, ensuring every project exceeds client expectations.


We aspire to be the benchmark for luxury in construction and design, crafting spaces that embody innovation and the unique vision of every client.